What makes us different?

1. your pc – for pc repairs and refurbishing

Since 1996 we’ve been at your service in the Holme Valley repairing and supplying Windows computer systems, PC’s and Laptops. Over the last few years refurbishing laptops has become a bigger part of the business – if it’s economic and it’s going to benefit you and the planet then we’ll offer a refurbishment / upgrade option. We’re proud to have supplied a service to thousands of clients since 1996.

2. full range of services

Our everyday computer services include regular Windows software repairs – system optimisation, virus removal and general performance upgrades. On the hardware side, whatever the problem with your Windows PC or Laptop we can offer a repair option – cracked laptop screen replacement, dead hard drive, broken laptop hinges, charging port damage, replacement laptop batteries etc etc.

3. We repair all popular computer brands

We are proud that we can fix almost any model of Windows computer or laptop – Asus, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Dell, Samsung, Toshiba etc. For regular repairs we aim to turn them around within 7 days, if it helps you then you can book your repair for a time to suit you. Throughout the repair you’ll receive email updates on the progress of the repair.