Cash in your Old Tech

Do you have hidden treasure in the form of an old Computer, Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet?

Not everybody needs the latest whiz bang model – despite what the manufacturers would make you believe. So we pay cash for your unused or unloved tech, we refurbish it (including wiping all personal data) and sell it on. Keeping tech running is much better for the environment – keep IT equipment that can be repaired and refurbished out of landfill!

  • Sell your old tech for cash
  • Wanted: Windows 7 or later PC's and laptops, Smartphones and Tablets
  • All personal data is wiped prior to any equipment being resold

Find your gadgets

Consider giving your old tech a new lease of life


Bring your gear in

We’ll give you a valuation within a few hours. Remember to back up your data and sign out of any accounts before you leave your device with us.


Fast Payment

Once we’ve agreed a price with you we’ll pay you by BACS within 48 hours. We keep things quick and simple.


Keeping your digital world safe. We leave your computer’s power where it belongs: with you.
Enhance and extend the productive life of your desktop computer systems
Replacing cracked screens, replacing batteries and repairing damaged charging ports – and occasionally managing to re
Badly smashed screens can be repaired! Even if it looks unlikely!
Trusted in Holmfirth for over 20 years to provide a professional and timely service keeping your Laptops running.
Our engineers use specialist tools to carefully remove and replace the phone case, damage-free. Fixed price on any suppo
Can’t Find What You’re Looking For?
If you require a service that isn’t listed here then don’t worry, contact us and we will work something out.